Sciatica and Pregnancy

Prenatal Sciatica Care at Molloy Chiropractic Center

The arrival of a new baby is often referred to as a blessed event, but that blessing may feel hard-earned if you're struggling with sciatica throughout those months leading up to delivery. Musculoskeletal changes related to pregnancy can create sciatic nerve pain and other distressing symptoms. When that happens, you need to find a treatment method that doesn't involve painkillers or other potentially risky forms of pain relief. That's why you should make an appointment with Molloy Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractic clinic in Vernon Hills offers safe, effective prenatal sciatica treatment and management.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a term used to describe pain and dysfunction of the sciatic nerve, the body's largest nerve and the conductor of motor and sensory signals to your leg. Many of the problems that cause sciatica originate not in the sciatic nerve itself, but in the major nerve roots that connect to the lower spinal cord. When a misaligned spinal structure or bulging or herniated disc pushes against these nerve roots, the flow of signals is cut off or altered. This can cause problems in your lower back, buttock, hip, thigh, calf, or foot.

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatica causes intense pain in the lower back, buttock, or leg. You may notice that the pain gets worse when you sit. Other discomforts include tingling or loss of sensation anywhere in the leg or foot. If motor signal transmission is affected, you may even discover that you have trouble moving your leg or foot properly, making you vulnerable to falls and balance issues.

What Causes Sciatica during Pregnancy?

Sciatica during pregnancy is a common problem. There's no getting around the fact that your body must undergo changes to make way for the growing baby. As the abdomen enlarges, your posture shifts into a swayback formation. This problem can be aided and abetted by loosening the pelvic ligaments. Weight gain during pregnancy only worsens your symptoms.

How Our Chiropractors Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

Our chiropractors in Vernon Hills can treat your prenatal sciatica gently and safely. We use specialized techniques and equipment that ideally suit our pregnant patients. By making small but helpful adjustments to the lower spine, we can ease the pressure on your sciatic nerve roots, relieving sciatic nerve pain and other symptoms. Regular treatments can give you the drug-free sciatic pain management you need for a happier pregnancy.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I was first recommend to Dr. Molloy a few years ago, and then last year re-injured my back. Dr. Molloy was able to diagnose my problem even before the MRI. Began treating immediately, which after months of pain I finally was able to return to normal activities. I continue to visit for regular adjustments. The Doctor and his office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Being able to see him on my schedule is great. Highly recommended.

    Steve M.

    DOC FIXED MY HEART ATTACK!!!! Seriously, after a morning at Condell ER for chest pain, nothing was found. Chest pain continued. Went to Doc, explained the pain. He adjusted a rib in my sternum I had sprained cleaning/moving my 230 pound Dad. Pain immediately GONE!! I have known Doc is a miracle worker for more than 30 years, but this took the cake!! I LOVE you all !!!

    Michele H.

    A huge shout out to Molloy Chiropractic! i was having trouble walking all day, and was in tremendous pain. By the time I got to the office I was losing feeling in my foot. I'm now able to stand upright and feel my toastir! Thank you!

    Nancy K.