Meet the Doctors

  • Dennis P. Molloy

    Dr. Dennis Molloy graduated in 1984 Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. 1984 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, former Post- Graduate Instructor for several Chiropractic Colleges and State Associations for Scoliosis care, Certified in Extremity Manipulation, Certified Acupuncturist, and a Certified FAKTR practitioner.

    Dr. Dennis Molloy strives to 'practice what he preaches' and be an example for others to follow. He is an avid participant in several sports and exercises daily. Swimming 1 - 1.5 miles 5 days a week, snow shoeing, mountain biking, squash, Pilates, Yoga, weight lifting, personal training, and rock climbing… to name a few of my favorites. His one passion is automotive road racing and he has owned several purpose built track cars since 2002 as well as participated in the Skip Barber Racing School programs.

  • Ryan P. Molloy
    D.C., B.S.

    Dr. Ryan Molloy is a third generation chiropractor who grew up in the Vernon Hills and Lincolnshire communities. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in February 2017 Summa Cum Laude and was co-Valedictorian. He also earned the Academic in Excellence Award. In his final year of study he completed a highly coveted position as an Intern at the Des Moines V. A. Hospital. He co-presented a paper in Washington, D.C on a successful study he was involved in regarding exercises and chiropractic treatment as options for Veterans with lower back pain that have been dependent on opiates.

    Dr. Ryan Molloy is constantly staying updated on new procedures and keeps an open mind on other treatment options that are proven. He is proficient in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Manual Muscle Release Technique, the world wide renowned McKenzie Method and numerous techniques on muscle conditioning, strength training, and nutrition.

    Dr. Ryan Molloy is an active daily participant in weight lifting, road biking, and crossfit.

    Dr. Ryan Molloy is an avid racecar and motorcycle racer and also a past Skip Barber Graduate. He has raced cars and motorcycles at Watkins Glen, Daytona, Putnam Park, Road America, Blackhawk Farms, Gingerman Raceway and Grattan.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I was first recommend to Dr. Molloy a few years ago, and then last year re-injured my back. Dr. Molloy was able to diagnose my problem even before the MRI. Began treating immediately, which after months of pain I finally was able to return to normal activities. I continue to visit for regular adjustments. The Doctor and his office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Being able to see him on my schedule is great. Highly recommended.

    Steve M.

    DOC FIXED MY HEART ATTACK!!!! Seriously, after a morning at Condell ER for chest pain, nothing was found. Chest pain continued. Went to Doc, explained the pain. He adjusted a rib in my sternum I had sprained cleaning/moving my 230 pound Dad. Pain immediately GONE!! I have known Doc is a miracle worker for more than 30 years, but this took the cake!! I LOVE you all !!!

    Michele H.

    A huge shout out to Molloy Chiropractic! i was having trouble walking all day, and was in tremendous pain. By the time I got to the office I was losing feeling in my foot. I'm now able to stand upright and feel my toastir! Thank you!

    Nancy K.