Pinched Nerves

A Guide to Pinched Nerves from Molloy Chiropractic Center, Inc.

There are countless nerves that travel to every part of the human body. They provide both motor and sensory functions to every organ and tissue. These nerves start in the brain before exiting the skull. From there, they run through the spine before they travel to their final locations. Along the way, these nerves can get pinched. At Molloy Chiropractic Center, Inc., we want all of our patients in Vernon Hills to be familiar with pinched nerves. 


What Is a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve takes place when the nerve has been compressed somewhere along its path. Because nerves start in the brain before traveling to their final destination, they take a long, twisting course that travels throughout multiple locations in the body. The nerves can be pinched at any point along their paths. There are a handful of frequent causes of pinched nerves.

What Are the Common Causes of Pinched Nerves?

Some of the most frequent causes of pinched nerves include:

Sports: Sports are a common cause of pinched nerves. Contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse can lead to a pinched nerve. A blow to the shoulder, wrist, hip, or knee can lead to nerve impingement.

Inflammation: Inflammation can also lead to a pinched nerve. Inflammation is the body's natural response to pain, injuries, and illnesses. When swelling takes place, there might not be much room for nerves in the affected area. This can compress and pinch nerves.

How Are Pinched Nerves Diagnosed?

If someone has a pinched nerve, some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Shooting or shock-like pains that travel throughout the arms and legs
  • Numbness or tingling
  • A feeling of weakness

The exact nature of the symptoms will depend on whether or not a motor or sensory nerve has been pinched. A trained chiropractor is able to diagnose a pinched nerve by conducting a full physical exam. This exam will be used to isolate the location of the symptoms. Then, the chiropractor will test the area's strength, flexibility, and range of motion. 

See a Chiropractor at Molloy Chiropractic Center, Inc. for Pinched Nerve Treatment

At Molloy Chiropractic Center, Inc., our Vernon Hills chiropractor provides advanced, rapid, safe, and effective pinched nerve treatment. We know that if you have a pinched nerve, it can be uncomfortable. We can use adjustments, manipulations, decompression, and more to help you recover from a pinched nerve. Therefore, please call us today at 847-367-7070 to make an appointment. We are always willing to provide you with the medical care you need. 


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    I was first recommend to Dr. Molloy a few years ago, and then last year re-injured my back. Dr. Molloy was able to diagnose my problem even before the MRI. Began treating immediately, which after months of pain I finally was able to return to normal activities. I continue to visit for regular adjustments. The Doctor and his office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Being able to see him on my schedule is great. Highly recommended.

    Steve M.

    DOC FIXED MY HEART ATTACK!!!! Seriously, after a morning at Condell ER for chest pain, nothing was found. Chest pain continued. Went to Doc, explained the pain. He adjusted a rib in my sternum I had sprained cleaning/moving my 230 pound Dad. Pain immediately GONE!! I have known Doc is a miracle worker for more than 30 years, but this took the cake!! I LOVE you all !!!

    Michele H.

    A huge shout out to Molloy Chiropractic! i was having trouble walking all day, and was in tremendous pain. By the time I got to the office I was losing feeling in my foot. I'm now able to stand upright and feel my toastir! Thank you!

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