Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines Treatment

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Headaches and migraines are one of the most common complaints a chiropractor in Vernon Hills sees. When there is pain and/or pressure in your head, it can be difficult to know whether you are experiencing a migraine or a typical headache. Although there are a number of different causes for headaches, chiropractors have found that many types of headaches originate from problems in the neck, while migraines are often related to vascular problems. A headache can range from being simply a mild inconvenience to debilitating. Identifying whether you are having headaches or migraines as early as possible can help you begin preventive chiropractic treatments and minimize the chance of another headache.

The Difference between a Headache and a Migraine

Headaches are an unpleasant pain in your head that causes aching and pressure. Headache pain can range in intensity from a mild discomfort to severe and typically occurs on both sides of your head. Other specific areas of your head where a headache may occur include your temples, forehead and the back of the neck. Headaches can last from 30 minutes to about a week. The most common type of headache is tension headaches, which are generally triggered by stress, anxiety and/or muscle strain. Other types of headaches include:

  • Cluster headaches, which means you experience cycles of headaches that are followed by periods of being headache free.
  • Sinus headaches, which are commonly confused with a migraine, co-occur with symptoms of a sinus infection, such as a cough, stuffy nose, facial pressure, and congestion.

Migraines are typically centered on one side of your head, as opposed to headaches which are on both sides. The pain from a migraine generally starts as a tightening or dull throbbing and then intensifies into a pain that is severe and concentrated. A migraine occurs as a result of the blood vessels in your head being constricted and dilated. Migraines can be caused by a number of reasons, including your diet; however, heredity is one of the most common reasons. Migraines are intense and generally have other symptoms, including:

  • Pain in the temples
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Sensitivity to sound and/or light
  • Pain behind one ear or one eye
  • Seeing spots or flashing lights
  • Nausea and vomiting

How Can a Chiropractor Help Manage and Treat Headaches and Migraines?

The first thing your chiropractor in Vernon Hills will do is gather your medical history. For example, they may ask how your headaches started and when they started, followed questions regarding any injuries or car accidents you may have had. Understanding when/how your headaches started will give your chiropractor a better idea of how to help you manage the pain. For example, if you are experiencing frequent headaches that often start after sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, this may suggest you are putting a strain on your neck. Some of the most beneficial chiropractic treatments for headaches and migraines may include:

  • Soft tissue therapy, such as trigger point stimulation or myofascial release
  • Adjustments to the neck, back and/or spine
  • Education about job modifications, such as a higher desk to prevent straining
  • Posture correction exercises and/or other exercises to help straighten your spine and alleviate your pain
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Recommendations for lifestyle changes, which may include diet changes to help reduce the risk of migraine onset

Because most headaches are stress related, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to relieve the pain of a headache and reduce the risk for future headaches. Some of the things you can do include heat therapy, massage, neck stretching, relaxation exercises and meditation. You chiropractor will help you determine whether you are having migraines or headaches and they will be able to recommend which methods will be the most effective for relieving your specific type of pain.

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