Corrective Exercises

Chiropractic Corrective Exercises in Vernon Hills

Chiropractors in general, and especially our Vernon Hills chiropractor, are very concerned with the overall health of your body. Chiropractic practitioners know that without addressing the underlying problems, you will never be as healthy as you could be. Corrective exercises are a set of "blueprint" stretches and exercises that are chosen specifically to treat your condition and support your health.

What are Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises are specialized techniques designed to help your body attain and maintain ideal posture and form. Everyone has parts of their body that they are compensating for with other parts. In the short term, this works fine. However, over a longer period of time, the stress this places on the compensating part or parts of the body begins to show, usually as pain.

If you can learn to fully engage all of the parts of your body, the strain of daily life can be spread out across the body the way it is supposed to be. Corrective exercises teach you how to stretch and strengthen weaker or less flexible parts of your body so that they can contribute properly. Professional athletes, office workers, and everyone in between can benefit from these types of exercises.

What Do Corrective Exercises Work On?

Almost all injuries will benefit from corrective exercises at some point in the healing process. When you are injured, your body compensates for the injury. This helps take the strain off the injured body part so that it can heal, but it places an additional strain on other parts of the body. The goal of corrective exercises in rehabbing injuries is to rebalance the body so that every part is doing its job and no part has to do more than its job.

Corrective exercises are also very beneficial to people who have generalized pain issues from poor posture or sitting too long at the office. Retraining your body to use proper posture reduces the stress you place on it, and stretching and strengthening exercises help it tolerate the stresses that you cannot avoid. Your chiropractor can show you exercises that are specific to your needs and issues.

One of the things that you will learn from corrective exercises is the truly interconnected nature of the body. Sometimes, the best treatment for shoulder pain is actually to strengthen and stretch the hip, or something else unexpected. Our chiropractor will provide you with a set of exercises that will work best for your issues, whatever they may be.

Learn Corrective Exercises and More from Molloy Chiropractic Center

Here in Vernon Hills, our chiropractor prides himself on being available to patients when needed and taking a truly individualized approach to treatment. After you have been seen and diagnosed, we will provide you with a personalized health plan that may include corrective exercises. If we do provide you with corrective exercises, we will help you learn to do them properly and ensure that you receive the most benefit possible. Call Molloy Chiropractic Center today at 847-367-7070 to make an appointment.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I was first recommend to Dr. Molloy a few years ago, and then last year re-injured my back. Dr. Molloy was able to diagnose my problem even before the MRI. Began treating immediately, which after months of pain I finally was able to return to normal activities. I continue to visit for regular adjustments. The Doctor and his office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Being able to see him on my schedule is great. Highly recommended.

    Steve M.

    DOC FIXED MY HEART ATTACK!!!! Seriously, after a morning at Condell ER for chest pain, nothing was found. Chest pain continued. Went to Doc, explained the pain. He adjusted a rib in my sternum I had sprained cleaning/moving my 230 pound Dad. Pain immediately GONE!! I have known Doc is a miracle worker for more than 30 years, but this took the cake!! I LOVE you all !!!

    Michele H.

    A huge shout out to Molloy Chiropractic! i was having trouble walking all day, and was in tremendous pain. By the time I got to the office I was losing feeling in my foot. I'm now able to stand upright and feel my toastir! Thank you!

    Nancy K.